Growing a Better World Together:

How Rabobank Develops Partnerships to Support Their Brand’s Mission

Starting from the bank’s mission “Growing a better world together”, Rabobank has developed a brand new sponsorship strategy, as sponsorship is probably the most tangible asset to give proof of this. The words “growing” and “together” stand for both their banking for food vision as for their co-operative structure.

With activations at mayor sports events such as World and European Championships and cultural activations at music festivals, Rabobank has won three sponsorship awards in 2018.

Tom van Kyuk (Netherlands)

Tom van Kuyk is the sponsorship strategist of Rabobank. Responsible for all local, national and international sponsorships and all activations of Rabobank. Rabobank is the biggest national sponsor of The Netherlands. Tom is responsible for the sponsorships of Rabobank since 2014.