Companies and Visual Arts: A logo is not enough

Thomas Roussel is Development Officer at Palais de Tokyo in Paris

Thomas has long experience on cultural sponsorship. He has been consulting several organisations. He was Development Officer for Corporate Giving in the Musée du Louvre and Development Officer for Sponsorship in Paris Musées.

In France, there is no such thing as corporate sponsorship when it comes to art galleries and museums. A specific legal and fiscal frame has lead relationships between arts and companies to develop under a “corporate philanthropy” spirit which is widely spread, as figures show. This frame has been under question for several years, while competition between art institutions for corporate support has risen as well as their openness to the business world. In this context, the French art galleries and museums are shifting from a charitable to a partnership perspective towards the private sector. The case of Palais de Tokyo (Paris), one of the biggest contemporary art centres in Europe, is particularly telling in this matter: various examples will show that it has been exploring innovative and numerous arts-business collaborations for almost 10 years.